Welcome to Aqua Loga

Bodymind balance and fun in the water

Do you want to:

  • Let go of tension and anxiety?
  • Improve circulation?
  • Relieve stress and muscular tension?
  • Improve joint mobility?
  • Have fun?

With the release of gravity by being in the water, the body is able to find the optimum stretch, strengthen and tone the body whilst relieving tensions and renewing energy. The process therefore becomes a beneficial cycle between the mind, the body and the emotions.

This form of fun exercise is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Created by Terry Anne Scholes who combines her hypnosis and NLP skills to deliver laughter workshops, allowing one to de-stress, unwind and heal the body. With ‘Aqua Loga’ Terry Anne has brought many of the simple beneficial exercises of her laughter work into the water for an even more fun and beneficial workout. For more information please use the form to the right to┬ácontact us.

Class facilitator opportunities also available. Please contact us to find out more.